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  • 20.03.2014

    March 19, 2014 Lawyer has successfully represented clients' interests in the Lviv Appeal Administrative Court in the case against the State Tax Inspectorate, resulting the court ruled in favor of the taxpayer, which upheld the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Administrative Court decision to abolish the tax posts-decisions for the total amount 115 610.00 UAH.

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  • 10.12.2013

    Lawyer of the company has successfully represented client's interests in the Commercial Court of Lviv region in the case against Public Joint Stock Company "Production and Trade confectionery company "Lasoschi" to our customers for debt collection under the commercial agreement as a result the court ruled in favor of our client and rejected to the Claimant in satisfaction of claims.

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  • 22.10.2013

    Lawyer of the company has successfully represented client's interests in the Commercial court of Lviv region in the bankruptcy case of "Eurocon West", resulting the court ruled to liquidate the Company. 

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Regulation of pre-trial disputes and court practices


In case of rights’ violation and occurrence of disputes between the contractors, LLC “Legal Company “HD Partners” provides consultations regarding ways of pre-trial dispute resolution procedure, represents the interests of the clients in the courts of general and special jurisdiction on all stages of court procedure, in particular:

  • Oral and written consultations on the disputable issues;
  • Determining possible variants of disputes settlement in court, due diligence and claims constituting, preparing of amicable agreements;
  • Appeal against the regulations of bringing to the administrative responsibility;
  • Preparing of the plaint notes and other necessary procedural documents in the course of the trial;
  • Defense of appellee’s interests;
  • Paticipation in the courts of all jurisdictions;
  • Appeal against the regulations of the court resolutions in appeal and cassational procedure;
  • Representing of the client's interests at the stage of the court resolution fulfilment.



Contractual law


Contractual law is a set of rules governing contractual relationship; institute of various branches of legislation (civil, labor, ecologic). Most of large business-projects provision the necessity of the elaboration of the whole complex of interrelated and inter-dependant agreements taking into account tax, customs and other legislations. Here, the most important is the agreeing of particularly important terms of the contracts with the contracting parties. The external representation of the contracts’ quality is the sequence of business-project’s implementation, its flexibility, which enables to change it in emergency situations with minimal losses, efficient defense of its parties’ rights.


Legal company "HD Partners" provides the following services:

  • Drafting of all types of the agreements, legal assistance while their concluding, amending, termination
  • Securing of the documents’ notarizing and state registration of the pursuant agreements
  • Consulting regarding the issues related to the liabilities’ fulfilment
  • Analyzing of the agreements in terms of their correspondence to the valid legislation of Ukraine



Labor law


Labour law is an aggregate f norms regulating labor and legal relationship of the employers, in particular the issue of working time, rest, salary, rates, labor protection, labor of women and youngsters, working organizations (unions), labor conflicts, social insurance etc.


Each business man realizes the importance of personnel selection for the successful development of business. We offer You th whole complex of legal services in the sphere of labor and legal relationships,, legal support in any situation that may occur as a result of personnel cooperation or particular t employer with employee, in particular


Legal company "HD Partners" provides the following services:

  • Concluding of the individual labor and collective agreements, office regulations, other inner company documents
  • Receipt of the permits related to the foreigners job placement
  • Consulting regarding the legislation requirements that regulate the labor legal relationships
  • Consulting and representing of clients' interests while settlement of the collective and individual labor disputes



Corporate Law

Corporate law is the law of a person whose share is determined in the charter capital (property) of legal entity, which include authorities to participate in the management of economic activity, receiving certain share of income (dividends) of the given organization and assets in case of liquidation of an organization according to the legislation, as well as other competences provisioned by laws and charter documents (according to the clause 1 article 167 of the Commercial Code of Ukraine).


According to the clause 1.8. of Ukrainina law “About taxation of income in enterprise”, corporate rights are ownership right on the charter fund (capital) of legal entity or its share (stake), including right on management , receiving corresponding share from the entity, as well as assets in case of liquidation according to the valid legislation, notwithstanding whether such entity was formed as commercial company, enterprise, founded on the property of one legal entity or natural person or any other organizational and legal forms.



Legal company "HD Partners" provides the following services:

  • legal assistance in the foundation and termination of the legal entities;
  • corporate reorganizations;
  • mergers and transformations of the companies;
  • Due Diligence.

The experience of our lawyers is applied in:

  • the foundation, current activity and termination of the legal entities irrespective of their form of ownership
  • the regulation of the relationship between the participants of the business entities
  • the convocation and holding of the general shareholders meeting
  • the realization of the corporate rights
  • the legal assistance of the agreements on merging and acquisition as well as the operations with financing, lease, sale-purchase of the assets
  • the foundation of the representative offices of the foreign companies, legal entities, financial establishments, institutions of joint investment
  • the regulation of the corporate disputes.



Legal assistance


Legal Company "HD Partners" provides the consulting services, in particular the legal assistance in the foundation, restructuring, liquidation and bankruptcy of the companies, namely:


  • registration of the newly founded companies
  • registration of the amendments to the companies foundation documents
  • opening of the branches and representatives offices, including for the non-residents
  • entering in the register of enterprises
  • registration of the entrepreneurs without the foundation of the legal entity
  • reorganization of the companies of differentownership forms
  • receipt of licences and permits
  • representation in cases of the bankruptcy.



Antitrust law


According to the article 42.2. of Ukrainian Constitution abuse of monopoly position on the market, illegal limitation of the competitiveness and unfair competition are prohibited. Constitutional prohibition concerns activity directed at exclusion, limitation or elimination of competition, notwithstanding its particular types and body of infringements.

The LLC "Legal company "HD Partners" provides the following services:

  • representing of the Client's interests in the bodies of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine regarding issues of economic concentration of entities ( acquiring of control: purchase of shares, appointing on leading positions persons that held analogous positions in other companies, merging, affiliation, creating of enterprises atc);
  • receipt of the permits and preliminary resolutions for economic concentration or performing concerted actions from Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • consulting regarding the Antimonopoly Legislation;
  • analysing of the schemes of control acquisition over the companies, restructuring of the group of companies aiming to avoid the breaching of the Antimonopoly legislation.



Investment activity


Investment activity - is the process of the investment organization in the existing conditions of the business in the country. The term "investing" has the more theoretic meaning, determining the model of the behaviour of the investor in terms of increasing of his capital. Generally the investment activity is viewed within the framework of a certain investment project and the company that performs the investment process.


Legal company "HD Partners" provides consultations and represents the intersts of the foreign and Ukrainian investors while their performing of investment activity, fulfills the projects with the foreign investments, has a great experience of work with large developing companies and investment groups. We offer a wide range of services, in particular:

  • Consulting concerning the issues of the investing procedure, returning of the investments, income received by the investor
  • Legal assistance in the investments fulfilment in Ukraine
  • Opening of the investment accounts
  • Registration of the foreign investments
  • Receipt of the licences of the National Bank of Ukraine for making investments abroad and fulfilment of other currency operations
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